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Mediha Tingwork

Web Design . Content Management System . Web Development . Responsive Layout . Mobile Site

Mediha approached us to redo their website.  She needed help in promoting herself. Her website needed an overall upgrade to bring it into the 2016 world where an increasing number of visits are from mobile devices.

The site is fully responsive and optimized for mobile viewing. So basically it’s like carrying premium artwork around with you all the time.


About Client

Mediha Ting was born in Belgium, grew up in Hong Kong and educated in the US and the UK. In 1995 while she was studying Fine Arts at California College of Art, CCA, she received Honourable mention in the All College Award (An Open competition for all Arts colleges/universities in the US). She graduated from (Byam Shaw) Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London in 2000. She later earned a Master Degree in Art Policy and Management at Birkbeck College in London.

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