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Cyberport The Arcade Christmas Agent Academy

Graphic Design . Promotion Campaign . Virtual Reality (VR) . Augmented Reality (AR) . Kinect . Animation . Hardware Installation . Event Management

The virtual reality mission challenge“Christmas Agents Academy”

Digital entertainment such as virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and e-sports has become a popular staple in recent years, and The Arcade has clearly taken notice. This Christmas, The Arcade will transform into a Christmas entertainment digital hotspot, and present The virtual reality mission challenge “Christmas Agents Academy”, turning the entire atrium into a science fiction Christmas world.

We are excited to work with Cyberport, The Arcade again in Christmas. This project was very challenging, we have to start everything from scratches within a short period of time; from the theme design, game design, 3D rendering and animation, structural decoration design to production. We are proud to have it done and implemented nicely.


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