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AT Boutique 2015

Web Design . Web Development . Responsive Layout . Photography . E-Commerce . POS

We have the greatest challenge ever, we designed and developed a website as user-friendly as possible, while still remaining the loyal to the original concept. We have to migrate all the existing complicated database to the new system was a challenge, but then we need to combine the system with their existing POS system and upgrade it. As their existing POS was a ten-years old system, which is not a normalized system and we have to migrating all these data to our newly developed system is just too complicated to handle. It took us quite a while to handle it too, but luckily we love challenge!


About Client

AT Boutique opened the first store in Central, Hong Kong since a decade ago, providing made-to-measure clothing services, which includes suits, pants, wedding tuxedos, shirts and ladies’ executive suits. AT Boutique sources the highest quality fabrics from around the world, such as Italy, United Kingdom and France etc, that guarantees the supreme quality and service from our products. Because of the use of highest quality fabrics, exquisite workmanship and the attentive of personal services, the word of mouth spread out rapidly. Professionals, celebrities and IT specialists are our royalty customers.

AT Boutique opened the first tailoring shop in China on August 2009, in the meantime, the concept for men’s made-to-measure clothing services had been introduced to Mainland China.

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