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Chow Tai Fook

Content Management System . Web Development . App Development . HTML5

With the launch of "The Perfect One" campaign 2013, Chow Tai Fook introduced a mobile application for wedding planning and a mini-site for promoting the campaign.  Luxe Concept helped create the mobile application, mini-site and YouTube voting.

The mobile app allows the bride and groom to plan their wedding easily with lots of wedding information.  The features including:

- How to choose your engagement ring: different shape of the ring representing different meaning, and know your size before you picking the right choice for your special moment?

- The meaning of flower

- The budget plan

- Detailed reminder planning

- The wedding day plan

- Guest list

- Seating plan

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About Client

Chow Tai Fook is one of the popular jewellery brand in the Chinese-speaking world.  The store has retail outlets in several countries, including over 1950 retail outlets in mainland China.

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