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DELF ePass

Web Design . Web Development . Responsive Layout . Promotion Campaign

We were appointed to create an ePass for DELF (Digital Entertainment Leadership Forum) for visitors to collect reward points in different checkpoint within the event period. Visitors simply turn on the in-app QR code reader to scan the checkpoint QR code, or a purchase reward QR code generated by customer service based on their purchase records, to gain reward points. Also to redeem their prize when reached a certain amount of reward points. 

To give visitors more interaction within the web application, which also allow users to take a selfie and generated a unique avatar for their profile picture.

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About Client

Riding on the blockbuster year for the gaming and esports industry from the global lockdowns, the industry is set to take over the entertainment world in the post-COVID era. DELF2021 will return to decode how the technologies, business models and value chain of digital entertainment will disrupt and advance beyond existing standards, in terms of distribution, experience, sports, creativity, content, capitalisation, speed and many more. For the first time, DELF2021 will present the Infinity Games that challenge you to a series of exhilarating games themed with the Sea, Land and Air elements. What’s more, DELF will stage an array of tournaments, show matches, innovator showcase, game experiences, workshops, performances as well as pitching – all presented in an innovative hybrid experience that allows industry players and enthusiasts alike to feel the excitement live in Hong Kong as well as virtually at any time, from anywhere! DELF will also present a month-long DE*Spark boasting various mind-blowing esports and gaming events. Join us to experience the new dimension of digital entertainment and esports beyond limits!

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