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“Built Over a Century” Photo Marathon

App Design . Content Management System . App Development . Promotion Campaign . iOS . Android

We are appointed to build a mobile application to support interested parties to participate the "Build Over The Century" Photo Marathon competition. 

This application is like a social community, which all participated photos can be shared, liked, bookmarked and voted. The app can also supports GPS location function, map features and more.

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About Client

The Hong Kong Construction Association, Limited (HKCA) was established in 1920 aimed at improving the construction industry's standard in Hong Kong. HKCA, being the construction organization with the longest history in Hong Kong, is part of the evolution that transformed the place it is now over the years. Year 2020 is a special year for Hong Kong Construction Association as it marks our 100th Anniversary. As part of our Celebration, the Association is preparing to publish "Built Over The Century – HKCA 100th Anniversary" to showcase a collection of 100 Members’ projects over the past century that shaped Hong Kong the way it is today. “Built Over The Century” Photo Marathon (Photo Marathon), as part of our celebratory campaign, is a customised mobile app designed to feature the 100 projects and encourage members of the public to explore them.

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