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HKJC Pre-Season Carnival 2023

E-Commerce . RFID . POS

The RFID payment system we developed for the Hong Kong Jockey Club Pre-Season Carnival 2023 was designed to streamline and enhance the payment process for attendees and organizers. By utilizing radio frequency identification (RFID) technology, the system aimed to provide a convenient and secure cashless payment experience, ultimately improving customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. However, due to unforeseen circumstances; Super Typhoon Saola, the event had to be cancelled, leading to the suspension of the RFID payment system implementation.


The objective of implementing the RFID payment system for the carnival was to modernize the traditional payment methods and offer a hassle-free transaction experience. The system intended to replace cash payments with RFID-enabled cards, enabling attendees to make purchases at various carnival activities and attractions with a simple tap.


The RFID payment system was designed to offer the following key functionalities:

1. Cashless Transactions: Attendees would be able to load funds onto their RFID cards at designated top-up stations located throughout the carnival premises. This would eliminate the need for carrying physical cash and reduce the risk of loss or theft.

2. Contactless Payments: By tapping their RFID cards at the payment terminals, attendees could complete transactions swiftly without the need for physical contact, reducing queues and wait times at vendor stalls.

3. Transaction Monitoring: The RFID payment system would enable real-time monitoring of sales and transaction data, allowing organizers to gather valuable insights into consumer behavior, popular attractions, and revenue generation. This data could be used for future planning and analysis.


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The Club owes its origins to a group of racing enthusiasts with a shared passion for horse racing excellence and a tradition of community giving who, in 1884, joined together to found a racing club. Today, Club members own and race some of the world’s leading thoroughbred racehorses. Over the years members’ horses have achieved historic wins, including against top international competition, making possible the success of Hong Kong racing at the world-class level. This spirit of champions is celebrated each year at the Champion Awards, when the racing community comes together to salute the season’s most outstanding horses and horsemen. Members also pursue their equine interests through participation in equestrian sports, notably at Beas River Equestrian Centre, which provides stabling and training facilities and a competition venue. It was also Club members who initiated the Club’s first charity donations just over 100 years ago, the Club later expanding its support to build schools, clinics, parks and many other community facilities.

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