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Love Our Life- LOL Party Anti-Drug Exhibition


Love Our Life - LOL Party in 2023 will offer a wide range of exciting activities for attendees to enjoy. These include game booths centered around an anti-drugs theme, which have been specially designed and staffed by mentees from the Leadership Institute on Narcotics (L.I.O.N.). There will be captivating stage performances by a band of drug rehabilitants, as well as busking acts to entertain the crowd. Attendees can also look forward to the presence of a cheerleading team and the Police Dog Unit, adding to the festive atmosphere.

In terms of fitness activities, there will be demonstrations on High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and rope skipping, showcasing different ways to stay active and healthy. Moreover, experts will be hosting a thought-provoking sharing session on positive values, providing valuable insights and inspiration to the audience.

An eagerly anticipated event at the Party is the book signing session with the esteemed local author, Ms. MA Chui-lo. As a special treat, registered participants will have the opportunity to receive one of the 50 complimentary copies of her book, which will be given away at the event.

To conclude the first day of the Party on a high note, a spectacular drone show will take place over Victoria Harbour, leaving attendees in awe of the mesmerizing display of lights and technology.

As part of our entertainment booth offerings, we have developed the Decibel Meter Interactive Kiosk, which allows visitors to have their dB level checked while engaging in a fun activity of reciting the anti-drug motto.

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