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The Coffee Academïcs

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We've been a fans of The Coffee Academïcs for a while, so when they chose us to redo their website, we jumped at the chance to get our hands on it.

Their coffee products and expert services are great, but like most other coffee brand, they needed help in promoting themselves.  Their website needed an overall upgrade to capitalize on that Coffee Academics style, and to bring it into the 2014 world where an increasing number of visits are from mobile devices.

Overall, we wanted to establish a more polished user experience for these guys and allow their artwork to remain front-and-center throughout.  We have restructured the web architecture, and created a simple full-page grids for the posts, academics class, making it easily accessible and visually uncluttered.

The site is still undergoing for further development on mobile site and the upcoming phases, keep an eye of it.


About Client

Launched in 2012, The Coffee Academïcs has since made a name for itself on the regional and international coffee scene. They offer a collection of exquisite coffee products and expert services that cater to curious coffee novices and discerning coffee connoisseurs alike. From the initial selection of coffee origin and roasting method, to the micro-tuning of blend proportion and cupping, each step is done with care, passion and an uncompromising quest for top quality. Combined with state-of-the-art brewing techniques, accessories and allied products, they are the most streamlined yet dynamic specialty coffee concept in Hong Kong.

As part of our intellectual pursuit of the perfect coffee, we strive to find new ways of connecting with our consumers. Whether you’re in the comfort of home, stuck at the office or globe-trotting, The Coffee Academïcs is within your reach.

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